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Messages from Dr. Greg Little


2 Tim 3:14-16 - Bro. Rick Teremi

The Proof's In The Pudding - Acts 1:1-2

Overview of Nehemiah - Nehemiah 4:1-6

Areas Where We See Leaven - Galatians 5:1-9

Sermons From The Cross - I Corinthians 1:17-18

Seven Simple Actions That Will Help You In Life - Ezra 7:10

We Have The Author - I Corinthians 2:12-16

Some Things Keeping You from Jesus - Luke 16:19-30

The Kind Of Things We Need For Revival - II Chronicles 22:1-2

We Have The Book - I Corinthians 2:9-11

The Blessings of the Blessed Hope - I Thessalonians 4:13

Praying Like Jabez - I Chronicles 14:3

Gifts For The Believer - Matthew 7:1

Self-Destruction - I Corinthians 2:6-8

Overview of II Kings - Overview of II Kings

A Divided Church - I Corinthians 2:1-5

Did Jesus Get What He Paid For? - Acts 20:28

Christian Character - I Kings 11:11

Agents God Uses - Psalms 119:165

The Guarantee of Our Salvation - I Peter 1:3-5

Who Is The Man, And Is You The Man - II Samuel 5:12

The Lamb Wins - Revelation 5:1-14

What Bothers Fake People - Luke 20:9-26

God's Authority Here On Earth - I Samuel 12

When We Make God Sick - Joshua 5:1-6 / Revelations 3:14-19

A Dismayed Church - I Corinthians 1:26-31

The Grace Of God - II Corinthians 8:1-15 / Bro. Ronnie Waters

Being About Our Father's Business - Matthew 28:18-20 / Bro. Ronnie Waters

Some "Musts" in Missions - Acts 1:1-8 / Bro. Ronnie Waters

What is Bible Missions - Mark 16:15 / Bro. Ronnie Waters

A Deceived Church part 2 - Corinthians 1:19

A Deceived Church - I Corinthians 1:18-25

Overview Of The Book Of Ruth - Ruth 2:12

The Power Of The Missionary - I Corinthians 1:14-17

The Priorities of the Missionary - I Corinthians 1:14-17

Why Christian People Fall - Judges 17:6

Why Corinth Was A Divided Church part 2 - I Corinthians 1:10-13 

Why Corinth Was A Divided Church - I Corinthians 1:10-13

Can I Tell You What Christ Did For Me? - Jeremy Hull / Luke 17:11-19

Walking In Son-Light - I Corinthians 1:6-9

Praying For The Church - I Corinthians 1:3-5

Overview Of The Book Of Joshua - Joshua 1:8

Dedicated Church Members part 2 - I Corinthians 1

Dedicated Church Members part 1 - I Corinthians 1:10

Overview Of The Book Of Deuteronomy - Deuteronomy 7:9

Reasons The Gospel Came To Corinth - I Corinthians 2:6-8 

2014 Is The Time - Hebrews 12:1

Overview Of The Book Of Numbers - Numbers 21:4-9

Purpose Of The Lords Table - I Corinthians 11:23-34

Clean, but Not Converted - Matthew 12:43-45

Overview of Leviticus - Leviticus 19:2

When God Makes Jello - Exodus 15:1-19

Overview Of The Book Of Exodus - Exodus 3

Relax, You're With Jesus - Genesis 42:36

The Gift That Keeps On Taking - I Peter 2:1-2

Overview Of The Book Of Genesis - Genesis 3:15

Lessons Of The Wise Men - Matthew 2:1-12

Make Mine A Merry Christmas - Luke 1:5

Reasons For The Old Testament - Isaiah 55:11

The Servant The Lord Can Count On - Genesis 24:1-7

The Manger Scene - Luke 2:1-7

God's Perfect Peace - Bro. Mitch Canupp/Isaiah 32:17-18

Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave - Bro. Mitch Canupp/Genesis 27:1-33

Seriousness Of Serving God - Bro. Stanley Rogers/II Timothy 3:1-8

Days Should Speak - Bro. Mitch Canupp/Job 32 & Psalms 71:17-18

Father Knows Best - Bro. Stanley Rogers/Ephesians 6:4

Just Faith - Bro. Stanley Rogers/Hebrews 10:31-11:3

Sidekicks Against The Savior - Bro. Mitch Canupp/Luke 23:6-12

Christ Was Headed That Way - Luke 1:26-37

Introduction to the Bible - Ezekiel 22:23-31

It Is Time - Hosea 1-13

I'd Rather Have Jesus - Psalms 23

Some Things The Church Ought To Be - Bro. Tim Wilson / I Timothy 3:14-16

Life After Being Convicted - John 14:16-26

The Character Of Your Christian Friends - Romans 16:1-3

Look At Matthew 3 - Matthew 3:11

What Happens When You Wait Too Long - II Thessalonians 2:1-14

The Details Of Our Saviors Death - Isaiah 9

Life's Highway - Isaiah 30:20-21

Foes Of The Gospel - Galatians 1:6-9

God Told You So - II Corinthians 6:14

Purpose Of Preaching - II Timothy 4:2  

You Can't Win The Race, If You Don't Get Out Of The Pits - I Peter 5:5-11/ Bro. Rogers

Seek The Lord - Psalms 63:1-8 / Bro. Jeff Wilson

When God Is Not Enough - I Samuel 8:1-22 / Bro. Ron Jones

Understanding Temptation - Luke 4:1-13 / Bro. Jeremy Hull

The Walking Dead - Revelations 9:1-6

The Effects Of Bibliophobia - John 8:25-27

Connection - Romans 15

Marks Of The End Times - II Timothy 3:12-13

Would You Be Embarrassed? - I John 2:28

How To Treat The Carnal - Romans 14:18-23

I Have Fallen And I Can't Get Up - I Corinthians 9:27

How Beautiful Heaven Must Be - II Corinthians 5:1-9

Compassion - Romans 14:1

The Real Christian Life pt 2 - I Corinthians 16:9

The Real Christian Life - I Corinthians 16:9

Citizenship - Romans 13

What To Watch This Fall Season - Mark 14:37

Demas The Deserter - II Timothy 4:5-11

When The Devil Went To Worship - Mark 1:21-27

The Way God Works - Romans 12:7-21

Why Cults Hate The Bible - Ephesians 1:1-8

Gimmicks of Worldly Churches - Exodus 30:9-36

When The Judge Says To Be Judgmental - John 7:14-24

What You Will Never Hear In Apostate Churches - Amos 8:11

Godliness of The Comforted - Romans 12:9

All Sealed Up - II Timothy 2:15-19

The I Wills of Christ - John 12:31-32

Faith - Ephesians 2:8-9 / Bro. Rick Teremi

Gifts To The Church - Romans 12

What's Happenin' - Luke 13:1-3

Knowing What Is Right part 2 - I John 4:1-13

Knowing What Is Right - I John 4:1-13

Charity - II Peter 1:5-8

Goals Of A Christian - Romans 12:1-2

Consider Him - Hebrews 12:1-3

Brotherly Kindness - II Peter 1:5-8

Hebrews 9:26-28 / Bro. Darrel Weaver w/ Special Singing

The Change Of Salvation part 3 - Acts 3:9-11

Fishin' For Jews With Gentile Bait - Romans 11:13-19

The Change of Salvation part 2 - Acts 3:1-11

Godliness - II Peter 1:5-6

Profitable For Nothing - Isaiah 44:9-21 & John 6:63-66 / Bro. Mitch Canupp

Good Things Under the Table - Mark 7:24-30 / Bro. Mitch Canupp

Patience - II Peter 1:5-6

Dangerous Love Affairs - I John 2:15-17

The Sinner's Greatest Fact - Acts 3:1-6

Temperance - 2 Peter 1:5-8

Gods Anger Management Program - Hebrews 12:1-2

Jesus Is Coming Soon - Obadiah 1:15

Knowledge - II Peter 1:5

The Doctrine of the Two Natures - I Corinthians 15:44-50

The Power of God - I Corinthians 1:11

Feed The Flock Of God - I Peter 5:1-9

Mistakes of Christians - Acts 1:1-9

You Are Just Like Your Daddy - John 8:38-47

Word Is Bond - Matthew 28:1-10/ Bro. Russell Jones

The Wheat And The Tares part 2 - Matthew 13:24-43

The Wheat And The Tares - Matthew 13:24-43

Virtue - II Peter 1:5

Service Gods Way - Romans 10:14-21

Salvation Gods Way - Romans 10:6-13

Consider Your Ways part 4 - Haggai 1:4-5

Worthwhile Changes - Jeremiah 13:23

What We Can Expect To Find In Church - Matthew 13:1-23

Consider Your Ways part 3 - Haggai 1:5&7

Things That Are Different Are Not The Same - John 17:5-8

This Talking Book - Romans 9:17-33

The Sin That Doth So Easily Beset Us - Hebrews 12 / Bro. Max Alderman

Where's God In All Of This? - Job 23:1-10 / Bro. Max Alderman

Characterizing the Grace Generation - Matthew 11:1-12 / Bro. Max Alderman

Don't Make God Have To Dig & Dung You - Luke 13:1-9 / Bro. Max Alderman

Remember Lot's Wife - Luke 17:20-32 / Bro. Max Alderman

Consider Your Ways part 2 - Haggai 1:5

How You Can Know if Jesus is Real - John 7:14-17

Five Phrases from Peter's Pen - I Peter 3:18

Consider Your Ways - Haggai 1:1-7

Why Judgment Shows Up - Ezekiel 16:44-5

What A Fool Looks Like - Proverbs 10

Promises - Matthew 21:28-31/ Bro. Albert Hardin

Family Ties - Romans 9:6-16

What Will Jesus Find - Luke 18:1-8

When The Brook Dries Up - I King 17:1-7

Why God is Not Done With The Jews - Romans 9:4-5

The Ministry of Confrontation - Titus 1:10-16

Who Turned Out The Lights? - Genesis 13: 1-4

How Satan Corrupts A Church - Revelation 1:12-20

The Soul Winning Christian - Romans 9:1-3

Jesus is Wonderful - Isaiah 9:6

Important Days on God's Calendar - Matthew 28:1-6

Why the Tomb is Empty - Luke 24:21

What Will Your Answer Be? - Matthew 22:1-14

The Old Cross - Luke 9:18-26

Why Me Lord? - Romans 8:35-39

Spiritual Things - Isaiah 11:2

Lets Go Fishing in the Church Pond - Mark 1:14-17

Strange Blessings - II Corinthians 12:7-9

Talking in Tongues - James 3:1-6

Judges 2 - Pastor Roy Lowe

God's Goals for Christianity in Your Life - Romans 8:28-34

When Dogs are Better Than People - Deuteronomy 23:18/ Luke 16:20-21

VBC Preacher Boys - Proverbs 30:11; Job 14:1; Matthew 7:13

When Hope is on the Line, Help is Already on the Way - Mark 8:34-38

Church Hoppin' and Church Shoppin' - I Timothy 5:17-25

Dead Churches and the Solution - Revelation 3

Messages from The Master - Isaiah 45:20-23

For Believers Only part 3 - John 19:30

Heart for Missions Conference 2013

I Peter 2:1-8 part 3 - Mitch Canupp

Exodus 14:9-15 - Joseph Pauda

I Samuel 23:8 - Bro. Jody Hodnett

Philippians 1:27-30 - Bro. Brian Faulkner

Matthew 6:19-21 - Bro. Jason Kersh

I Peter 2:1-8 part 2 - Bro. Mitch Canupp

I Peter 2:1-8 - Bro. Mitch Canupp

John 4:1-5 - Bro. Jeff Wilson

Luke 10:1-2 - Bro. Fain Morrison

Isaiah 54:1-3 - Bro. Scot Paulman


The Marks of the Master's Ministry - II Corinthians 10:15-18

The 1st John Test - I John 5:13

Praying With the Right Partner - Romans 8:26-27

Groaning to Glory - Romans 8:19-25

You Have Been Willed a Fortune - Romans 8:17-18

How the Lord Makes Himself Known - Romans 8:14-16

SPECIAL: Dr. Jimmy Robbins preaching Gnat Strainers and Camel Swallowers

For Believers Only part 2 - Romans 8:14

For Believers Only part 1 - Romans 8:14

Let My People Go - Exodus 5:1

The Conflict of the Christian - Romans 8:5-13

He That Does Not Change - Malachi 3:1-6

Name Calling - Matthew 12:9-18

Hindrances - I Thessalonians 2:18

A Picture of the Last Days - Matthew 21:9-17

Christ's Teaching About Salvation part 2 - Matthew 26:21-28

Why I Love the Man of God - Philippians 1:12-25

What You Need in 2013 - Colossians 3:5

Christ's Teaching About Salvation part 1 - John 3:18-36

Watch Night 2012

Isaiah 6:1-8 - Bro. Chris Pugliese

I Peter 5 - Jacob Jourdain

John 14:1 - Bro. Chris Little

Mark 8:34 - Bro. Hershel Phillips

Ephesians 6:4 - Bro. Billy Elder

II Corinthians 4:1-16 - Bro. Jason Kersh

Matthew 7:13 - Bro. James Mills

Matthew 28:6 - Bro. Joshua Lawson

Ephesians 3:10 - Bro. Chad Wisher


Why We Baptize with a Full Tank - I Corinthians 15:1

There's a New Sheriff in Town - Romans 8:1-4

The Love of God part 2 - I John 4:1

What The Bible Says About Christmas - Matt 1; Luke 2

The Love of God part 1 - John 3:16

The War of The Law - Romans 7:12-25

You Didn't Build That - Psalms 127:1

How The Law Works - Romans 7:7

He's Not Done With You - Jeremiah 20:7-9/ Bro. John Adair 

Common Problems Hindering Christians - Ezekiel 33:17-18

Why the Church is Here - Acts 14:23

The Bite is Worse Than It's Bark - Ephesians 4:30-32

To Know Christ and to Make Him Known - I Samuel 12:3-5

The Importance of the Church - Ephesians 5:21-27

The Work of the Holy Ghost in Our Lives - Luke 11:11-13

The Service of God - Titus 3:1-8

Thanksgiving Meeting 2012

Satisfied, Yes or No? - Psalm 17:15/Bro. Albert Hardin

Taking a Tour of the Mansion - Revelation 21:9-21/Bro. Steven Umberger

What are We Gonna Do? - Judges 17:6/Bro. Ronnie Waters

Overcoming in Your Overwhelming - Joshua 3:3/Bro. Joe Hendricks

The Power of a Consistent Faith - Daniel 6:16-24/Bro. James Mills

Paul's Prayer - Colossians 1:1-2/Bro. Jason Kersh

Thankfulness in Prayer - Matthew 6:9-13/Bro. Jeremy Hull

The Word of God - II Timothy 3:15-17/Bro. Rick Teremi

I Can't Get Enough - Psalm 119:97-107/Bro. Steven Umberger

What's Stopping You form Seeing Jesus - Luke 19:1-10/Bro. Nathan Kirkman

Don't Ever Quit - Hebrews 10:32/Bro. Carl Glover

The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand - Matthew 3:1-2/Bro. Michael Wilkins

When the Old Way is Not the Right Way - Job 22:15-17/Dr. Billy Elder

O Give Thanks Unto the Lord - Psalm 136:1-4/Bro. David Pryor

Thankfulness - Nehemiah 12:45-46/Bro. Raleigh Lindsay

What the Man of God Ought to Do - I Timothy 3:1/Bro. Jeremy Hull

Giving - I Corinthians 16:1-3/Bro. Fain Morrison

Thanksgiving - Philippians 4:4-7/Bro. Justin Stanley

Continuing to Stand Fast and Hold - II Thessalonians 2:13-17/Bro. Brian Faulkner

A New Cart for the Ark - Exodus 25:10-16/Bro. Mitch Canupp

Wearing out the Saints Pt2 - Daniel 7:15-26/Bro. Mitch Canupp

Wearing out the Saints - Daniel 7:15-26/Bro. Mitch Canupp

Take Heed - Colossians 4:17-18/Bro. Mitch Canupp

The Captain of Our Salvation - 1 Samuel 22:1-2/Bro. Mitch Canupp

Serving the Lord - Leviticus 14:14-18/Dr. Greg Little


The Last Mile - II Timothy 3:1-7

Making Friends as a Christian - Proverbs 18:24

Selling Out too Cheap - Genesis 25:27-34

What is Missing in America, and how to Fix it - James 3:10-16

Christ our Deliverer part 2 - Romans 7:22-25

Christ our Deliverer - Romans 7:22-25

The Confusion of a Church - Ephesians 4:4-16/Pastor Chris Emory

The Crumbling of a Church - Ephesians 2:16-22/Pastor Chris Emory

Creating a Church - Psalms 122:1/Pastor Chris Emory

What You're Worth - Romans 6:11-23

Pay Day of Salvation - Romans 6:11-23

Answers About Eternal Life - 1John 1:1-2

The Differences of the Cross pt2 - Ezekiel 36:25-28

The Differences of the Cross - Ezekiel 36:24-28

Christ as a Serpent - Matthew 21:45-46/Dr. Billy Elder

Eight Leading Books of the Bible part 8 - Hebrews 1:1-2

The Facts of the New Life - Romans 6:1-10

Death - Genesis 2:7-17

How To Be Fruitful - Galatians 5:22-23

What Christ Died For - Romans 5:8

Some Places Where the Spirit of God Works - John 14:16-18

How Paul Faces What All Preachers Face - Acts 1:8

The Need of Justification - Romans 5:12-17

The First Five Seconds in Hell - Luke 16:19-22/Bro. Jeremy Hull

Chameleons Camouflaged as Christians - Leviticus 11:29-32

The Place of Prayer - I Timothy 2:1-8

What the Holy Spirit has Done Since Pentecost - Acts 1:4-5

Eight Leading Books of the Bible part 6 - John 14:1-6

The Justification of Life - Romans 5:12-21

The Holy Spirit of God in the Gospels - Luke 1:31-35

Eight Leading Books of the Bible part 5 - Matthew 5:17

I'd Rather have Jesus - Psalm 23

The Holy Spirit of God in the Old Testament - Job 26:7-13

Eight Leading Books of the Bible part 4 - Isaiah 1:18

Pieces of the Puzzle - Genesis 1:26-27

Justification by Jesus part 3 - Romans 5:3-11

Justification by Jesus part 2 - Romans 5:3-11

Justification by Jesus part 1 - Romans 5:3-11

The Holy Spirit is God - Isaiah 6:1-10

Eight Leading Books of the Bible part 3 - Psalm 100:1-5

The Outworking of Inward Salvation - Romans 5:1-2

The Holy Spirit of God - John 14:16

Examples of Church Members - III John 1-14

Running with Christ Instead of the Crowd - Galatians 2:1-6

Eight Leading Books of the Bible (part 2) - Genesis 3:1-8

The Life of the Believer - Romans 4:16-25

The Humanity of Christ - Luke 2:33

Eight Leading Books of the Bible (part 1) - Isaiah 8:20

The Evidence of the Gospel - Romans 4:9-15

The Deity of Christ - Luke 2:33

The Gospel of Jesus - Romans 4:1-8

The Needs of Sinners - Romans 3:23

The Fatherhood of God - John1:1-5

Ingredients of Biblical Salvation - Romans 3:21-31

Just How Important are God's Men - Romans 10:13-17 / Bro. Mitch Canupp

A Man and What He has Done - Acts 15:22 / Bro. Rick Teremi

People Like Pillars - I Kings 7:15,21 / Bro. Cody Zorn

The Unhappy Christian - Job 5:7, 17

A Strong Foundation (part 3) - Psalm 11:3

A Strong Foundation (part 2) - Psalm 11:3

A Strong Foundation - Psalm 11:1-3

What Soldiers Need In War - 2 Timothy 2:3-4

God Requireth that which is Past - Ecclesiastes 3:11-15

The Mission of the Master - Luke 19:1-10

What We Justify, God Calls Sin - Romans 3:9-20

At The Cross - I Peter 2:21-24

The Directives of Disciples - I Timothy 6:1-10

The Safeguards of Scripture - Romans 3:1-8

The About of Grace - I Peter 5:10

Jesus Has the Answers - John 10:10

With Him - Revelation 17:14

The Benefits of Believers - Psalm 116:1-6

Leprosy - Matthew 8:1-4

Two Events We Need to Have in Order to See Revival - Galatians 1:10-18

The Doctrine of Remission - Acts 2:37-38

The Best Advice a Mother Can Give - John 2:1-5

Your Job and the Christian Life - II Thessalonians 2:13

Follow - Ephesians 5:1-16

God's Anger Management Program - James 1:22-25

Your Friends and the Christian Life - John 15:11-16

The Doctrine of the Local Church - Colossians 1:18

Lost, Religious People - Romans 2:17-29

The Doctrine of the Church - Matthew 16:13-17

The Consequences of Careless Lives - Romans 2:11-16

Your School and the Christian Life - Proverbs 22:6

Traveling Down the Right Road - Luke 24:13-45

Your Home and the Christian Life - Psalm 127:1-5

The Doctrine of Justification - Romans 3:24-28

The Guilty Hypocrite - Romans 2:1-11

Your Church and the Christian Life - Matthew 16:18-19

The Doctrine of Reconciliation - II Corinthians 5:17

-Isms - Romans 2:1

Your Faith in Christ - Romans 10:9-17 

The Doctrine of the Two Natures - Romans 7:15-25

The Need of the Gospel part 2 - Romans 1:24

Your Life in Christ - James 4:13-17

The Doctrine of Discipleship - Matthew 28:18-20

The Need of the Gospel part 1 - Romans 1:18-23

This Life in Christ - Colossians 1:14-28

The Doctrine of Assurance - 1 John 5:10-13

What Priorities do for God's People - Romans 1:14-17

Noah - Genesis 5:28-6:8

The Doctrine of Angels - Psalm 103:19-20

What Preaching Does For God's People - Romans 1:11-13

Enoch - Genesis 5:18-24

The Doctrine of God the Holy Ghost - John 15:1-17

What Praying does for God's People - Romans 1:8-10

Seth - Genesis 4:25-26

How to Pray for Souls to be Saved - I Timothy 2:1-4

God's Provisions for Our Salvation part 2 - Romans 1:1-7

Abel - Genesis 4:1-8

The Witness of God - Acts 1:8

God's Provisions for Our Salvation part 1- Romans 1:1-7

Cain - Genesis 4:1-26

What is that to Thee - John 21:1-22

"Of God" - Romans 1:16

Eve - Genesis 2:21-3:20

How Jesus Handles Doubters - John 20:19-29

Introduction to Romans - Romans 5:8

Adam - Genesis 1:26-3:7

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ - John 19:38-42;Matthew 28:1-6

Seven Things the Devil doesn't want Us to Do - Ephesians 6:10-11

The Touch of the Master's Hand - Luke 18:15-17

The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ - John 19:16-32

Goals - Philippians 3:13-14

The Church Vision - Proverbs 29:18

Do You Want to be a Better Christian? - 2 Peter 3:18

What You Should Have Under Your Tree - 2 Tim. 2:24-26

The Secrets of Salvation - Amos 3:1-8

Right Things in the Wrong Place - Matthew 7:1-6

Plugged in - Philippians 4:19

Why Jesus was Born - Luke 16:19-31

The Results of Godless Religion - Acts 28:17-31

Christianity - Acts 28:17-24

Fruitless Fellowship - Acts 28:17-24

The Identification of Christ in God's Man- VBBI Graduation 2011

The Doctrine of the Life of Christ part 2

What People Say when Bad Things Happen to You

What to do in Stormy Weather

What Christ Would Have Us Do

The Doctrine of the Life of Christ

The Final Invitation

The Doctrine of the Deity of Jesus Christ

What a Man Did that was Headed to Hell

The Final Place

The Doctrine of the Humanity of Jesus Christ

What Could be Proved About Paul

The Final Judgment

All in the Life of a God Called Preacher part 2

All in the Life of a God Called Preacher

The Last Battle

The Holiness of Jesus Christ part 2

The Holiness of Jesus Christ

The Doctrine of the Son of God part 4

When God Allows U-Turns

The Millennial Reign of Christ

The Example of Biblical Deacon

The Work of the Holy Ghost

The End of The Great Tribulation

The Doctrine of the Son of God part 3

Dealing With a Spiritual Know-it-all

The Activities of the Lord's Mercy in the Tribulation

The Doctrine of the Son of God part 2

Famous Last Words

His Own Blood

The Identity and Activities of Antichrist

What God Gives the God Called Man part 2

What God Gives the God Called Man part 1

The Satanic Trinity

The Doctrine of The Son of God

The Ministry

Statements of our Salvation

The Doctrine of God The Father part 3


The Doctrine of God the Father part 2

The Assignments of an Apostle

The Great Tribulation part 4

The Doctrine of God the Father part 1

I am Not a Crack-head

The Great Tribulation part 3

The New Testament Names of God

When God Saves Sinners

The Great Tribulation part 2

The Old Testament Names of God

Rejection From Sinners

The Great Tribulation part 1

The Perfections of God

Being Set Up to Fail

New Testament Tribulation References

The Revelation of God

What You Find in a Great Church

Old Testament Tribulation References

The Characteristics of The Knowledge of God

Failing The Wrong Test

The Certainty of Christ's Second Coming

Confirmation of Delivery

Our Pictures of Christ

The Marks of Mislead Members

Who Let the Dog's Out?

Who's Your Daddy

The First 24 Hours of The Great Tribulation

The Doctrine of The Trinity

Are They All Beyond Help?

The Blessings of The Blessed Hope

The Doctrine of The Bible part 3

Manifestations of A Missionary

Why Christians Will Miss The Great Tribulation

The Doctrine of The Bible part 2

The Soul Winner's Report Card

The Events of Today's Christianity

The Doctrine of the Bible part 1

Starting a Church Where There is No Church

The Purpose of Bible Doctrine

How Paul Preached this Message

Introduction to Bible Prophecy

The Practice of Bible Doctrine

The Qualities of Women Found in Proverbs


The Priority of Bible Doctrine

Why Paul Preached This Message

The King James Bible: A Study on God's Book part 13

The Instruments of God's Orchestra

The King James Bible: A Study on God's Book part 12

The Person of Bible Doctrine

The Events at Berea

The King James Bible: A Study on God's Book part 11

The Patriarchs of Bible Doctrine

Because of Christ

The King James Bible: A Study on God's Book part 10

The Enemies of Mission Work

Seven Sinners

The King James Bible: A Study on God's Book part 9

The Results of Preaching

The Excitement of Mission Work

The King James Bible: A Study on God's Book part 8

The Distress of the Gospel

The Lord had Spoken, All Came to Pass

The King James Bible: A Study on God's Book part 7

The King James Bible: A Study on God's Book part 6

The Devil and The Gospel part 2

The Devil and The Gospel part 1

The King James Bible: A Study on God's Book part 5

The Dedication of the Gospel part 2

The Dedication of the Gospel part 1

The King James Bible: A Study on God's Book part 4

The Direction of the Gospel part 2

The Direction of the Gospel part 1

The King James Bible: A Study on Gods Book part 3

Faith Promise Missions

Everybody is Doing It

Staying by the Stuff

The King James Bible: A Study on God's Book part 2

The First Church Split

Building an Altar

The King James Bible: A Study on God's Book

Bible Believers

There They Crucified Him

Building Godly Christians part 10

The Second Church Business Meeting

Grieving the Holy Spirit

The Purpose of Victory Baptist Church

Is Anything Too Hard for the Lord

Building Godly Christians part 9

How to Handle False Doctrine

These Things in John 16

Ephesians 4:4-6

Building Godly Christians part 8

Truths About the Believer's Prayer Life

Don't Ignore The Yield Sign

What Christmas Means

Make Mine A Merry Christmas

Do We Have Time for A Meeting

Building Godly Christians part 7



Building Godly Christians part 6

Why the Preacher Needs to Stay Put

Why Fake People Want to be Around You


The Baptist Flag

Spiritual Rebellion

Getting the Local Church Going

Building Godly Christians part 5

The Persecution Of Missionaries

Accomplishments of the Holy Spirit

Building Godly Christians part 4

The Exhortation of Missionaries

Thou Art God

Building Godly Christians part 3

The Declaration of Missionaries


Building Godly Christians part 2

The Confirmation of Missionaries

The Responsibilities of All Believers

Building Godly Christians

Real Christianity


The Inoculation

An Epidemic That's Killing Our Churches

Building a Great Church part 7

The Results Of Gods Calling

Thou Shalt Or Thou Shalt Not

Building a Great Church part 6

Where Are You Taking Me

To Be Conformed To The Image Of Christ

Building a Great Church part 5

Things That Will Not Be Forgotten

The Scars of the Saviour

Building a Great Church part 4

The Church At Antioch

The Crime of The Cross

Building a Great Church part 3

Shut Up and Shout

What Christ Died For

Building a Great Church part 2

The Compensation of the Cross

Building a Great Church part 1

What Was I, That I Could Withstand God

Concerning the Cross

What You Need to Work for the Lord

Thy Prayer is Heard

Jesus is The Master Soul Winner

Study of Isaiah 53 part 12


Running With Christ Instead of the Crowd

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